Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering BIM designForest Electric New York (Forest NY) has a fully-staffed, in-house professional engineering department.

From commercial and residential buildings, to healthcare and educational institutions, to specialized industrial facilities, our engineering department gives us the design-build capabilities for virtually any electrical construction project.

Comprehensive Electrical Systems Expertise

We have the manpower and technical expertise to coordinate, draft, layout, and circuit a complete set of electrical plans for an entire project. Our engineers work closely with field electricians to help ensure high quality design and efficient construction, with minimal need for rework.

Our engineering expertise includes:

  • Design-build solutions
  • Coordination, drafting, layout, and circuit services
  • CAD, BIM and Autodesk Revit software
  • Power systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Building automation
  • Low-voltage systems
    • Life safety, fire alarm, and security
    • Audio-visual
    • Building management
    • Data and communications 

Cutting-Edge Electrical Engineering Technology

We leverage advanced CAD and BIM software to model and design electrical systems and circuitry. Our engineers produce shop drawings and as-builts of your project that offer detailed models of a number of complex systems, including a building's infrastructure, core areas, tenant spaces, and more.

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