Building Services

Whether you need someone to troubleshoot your electrical outage, design your additional power requirements, or audit your energy use, the building services division at Forest Electric New York (Forest NY) can handle the job.

Services include:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Electrical installations
  • Telecom/data, fire alarm, and security design, install, and repair
  • Mission critical systems support and maintenance
  • Full-time electrical maintenance
  • Lighting and controls design, retrofit, and installation
  • Energy solutions
  • Engineering design

Professional Maintenance, Backed by Emergency Response

Technician providing preventive maintenance servicesOn-call 24/7/365, we are prepared to assist with virtually any electrical or low-voltage repair, on both a planned and emergency basis. Our professional technicians have a range of electrical systems expertise and can provide specialty services like infrared scanning and uninterruptible power supply system and battery maintenance.

Energy Efficiency Evaluations and Reporting

For building owners and operators looking to lower energy costs, Forest NY has multiple services designed to help improve electrical system efficiency. We can provide electrical power metering and reporting to assess amperage and usage, an perform energy audits to identify overused and underperforming equipment, and bring in specialists to assess and improve lighting designs.

Reach out today to learn how we can help keep your facility running its finest.