Forest Technology

Telecommunications Systems Design/Build, Installation & Maintenance Services

data_center.jpgForest Technology has the telecom service and data center design expertise to install data center equipment from most major telecommunications equipment vendors. We can also upgrade structured cabling systems equipment and reconfigure your network cabling and integration as technology changes. Additionally, we provide daily circuit testing of DSO, DSl, and DS3 services provided by the ILECs for our customers.

We have considerable telecom infrastructure experience designing and building redundant source and redundant path power delivery systems for our customers, who require unprecedented levels of electrical reliability. These telecommunications systems include UPS (uninterruptible power supply), parallel emergency generators, and static transfer PDUs. In addition to understanding and overcoming the obstacles of a high-rise installation of these systems, Forest Technology has the skilled, hands-on technical personnel to install them with speed and efficiency.

Control and monitoring of an active data center is imperative in today's marketplace. In response to this, we install and maintain a variety of monitoring systems, including Scada, SiteScan, and Data Trak Mimic, as well as proprietary remote-monitoring systems.

If you’re considering other telecommunication companies or design build firms, first contact Forest Electric to learn how our expert data center design, data center installation, and years of experience with evolving telecommunications systems can serve your business.