Estimating Services

Electrical Construction Services Project Cost Evaluations

estimating.jpgForest Electric employs a fully staffed, in-house estimating service department that can handle all your estimating and budgetary needs. Because we are the largest electrical contracting company in New York City, we handle a larger volume of estimates than other firm in our industry, yet we treat each estimate like it's the most important one in our office.

As a large and experienced commercial construction cost estimator, we use computerized estimating software to prepare estimates and budgets that are concise and logical. By developing comprehensive cost evaluations that are broken down into all applicable categories, we make it easy for you to see and understand all the different components of the electrical construction project. We use value engineering to identify the most cost-effective approach to building your project. Working in this manner, we provide you with a detailed budget that is extremely accurate and concise.

Forest Electric's estimating department is uncommonly service oriented. Our estimators are available to meet with you and walk your job site to evaluate the existing field conditions, as well as the building rules and regulations. We then use this information to estimate construction costs and prepare an easy-to-read estimate for the electrical service work to be performed

Once Forest is awarded the assignment, the estimator assigned to your project follows the tracking of the job to make sure it is constructed under the guidelines established up-front during the estimating process. This helps avoid costly changes during the course of the assignment. Contact us today to begin taking advantage of Forest Electric’s construction estimating services.